Horn blowing like buses

I don’t often blow my horn (fnar, Your Sinclair ed) but I’d be lying if I didn’t appreciate the nods, and strangely like buses they’re arriving all at once – although thankfully not with dodgy campaigns on the side.

Firstly my Fleetwood Mac ‘Rhiannon’ vs Sia’s Breathe Me mashup not only got the nod from Sia Furler via DJ Paul V – SQUEEEE!!!!, it also made the Bootie Top Ten, and is currently the last track on the Bootie European Tour CD they’re giving out.

I was at Bootie London last night, and although I spent far too long catching up I did dance like a loon at the end, especially to Ian Fondue’s Gossimo which they played. I also got recognised by a Bootie fan from DJing at Bootie London last year, which was nice 😉 Also great to see Ian, Naomi, Jamie TXL, Shiggi, A+D, Eric Kleptone & Pete and all the gang…been far too long for most of you!

I also found out there’s a whole genre of people taking old bigband/swing/78rpm/50’s tracks and adding modern beats to them. It’s called Electro-Swing, but doesn’t it sound familiar? 7 years ago I was doing that, catch up at the back there!

Secondly Simon LeBon tweeted the video I did for LeeDM101’s criminally overlooked genius mash ‘Radioactive Tubular Girls’ DOUBLE SQUEEE!!! which kind of says nyah to the strange person that said it wasn’t right and I should re-edit it to his specifications (??? yes, exactly).

Thirdly, my Printer Jam video just got blogged over at The Register.

These are far from usual regular things, so I don’t know what alignment of stars is causing it, but long may it continue. In fact I’ve noticed a general reappraisal and revisting of mashups/bootlegs recently, in the online and offline press and social media. It seems that although they were dropped like a stone in 2002/3 as old news by major media outlets (you know who you are *cough*NME*cough*) there is a resurgence in those same places…and surprisingly giving their international standing it’s not specifically a Bootie thing, it just seems mashups are generally on the cultural radar again after being mostly ignored by the media, at least here anyway.

That buzz is back, I’m sure Bootie has a big thing to do with it though basically keeping a lot of this alive for the past few years…and the Bastard crew being mostly M.I.A. (action rather than pop star!). Hopefully a lot of the old gang come out of retirement and bask in this new found interest…they deserve it!

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