Music for Alarm Clocks

Well more accurately from an alarm clock – Jon Brooks has created a whole album from the Dieter Rams Braun AB-30 Alarm clock as a sound source…the results are appropriately germanic motorik but with some lovely melodies more akin to his usual guise The Advisory Circle. In the current mania for Kraftwerk it fits right in, and if Krautrock and Kraftwerk and early electronica with a modern twist are your bag it’ll fit with you too.

He’s even recently recreated an ‘Autobahn length’ version of one of the tracks, Zukunft Als Konzept, which is as kosmiche and spaced out as it sounds (via Strickly Kev)

I’m guessing the drip effect of 6Music’s Kraftwerk week and Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone (and him slipping in the odder track into the afternoon) is having an effect on my listening…current faves is the new Errors album, The Ballroom and The Millenium, Little Dragon, Anne Clarke and The Slits!

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