Welcome to the hamster wheel

Popstar does a not very obscene gesture. People – well journalists and professional bloggers who aren’t really ‘people’ they are paid to pretend to be – get upset about it. Others get upset about that. And so the cycle continues.

Is this the best humanity can do? This has a crushing depressing inevitability of PR fluff and manufactured offence that I’m sure it’s actually all done by computers in the same room punching each other and none of this really exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if MIA’s own press team were the ones who complained. Fake fake fake. So the world spins on to it’s eventual demise. The hamster wheel turns. Is there any escape? Even this article is probably a cog in this machine, the Bill Hicks & SWELLS Memorial Dissent Voter aka ‘The Charlie Brooker’.

It’s the same with remix and mashup culture especially official remixes – people chasing the same old Adele/Coldplay/Gaga/Lana Del Rey parts, same story, only slightly different tune. Recycling the same old rubbish, and not even a Network rant can shake people out of this? They seem to like this glop? Or more scarily, pretend to because they don’t want to seem different, or want the views/votes/money. Dumb celebrity talk about dumb celebrities and their dumb fucking lives….recycle recycle recycle. I can see why some want to shake things up, sometimes in good ways sometimes in bad, because the programming is so strong that only something really big seems to make those Metro-reading happy shoppers stop and think. I’m not supporting terrorism (like MIA does, hoho) but I can see why discordians and Love Police and radical anarchists and even fucking mimes probably do what they do. Try and scramble the script for a second, to make the record jump. As John says, Yes Prime Minister There ARE alternatives.

And yes although I ranted about the inanity on Twitter and Facebook last year, I get there needs to be light in the darkness, it can’t all be serious serious serious. If I can’t dance I don’t want to be a part of your revolution, bread AND roses. Nyan cat should be side by side with Syria, Spike Milligan as well as Egypt. But make it count, or at least know why you’re delving in the gutter, and certainly don’t be bobbing for landtrout at a corporation’s behest.

Sometimes you despair at how people, even smart people seem to clutch at the same straws, run the same ruts, spin that hamster wheel for another shot of Pavlov Juice. Maybe the Matrix was actually a documentary? Yes I know that’s crazy talk, but smart people or even quite dumb people work out how this machine works and perpetuate. I don’t want to do that – although in some strange way I have – thinking ‘I’ll write a blog about that MIA thing’ and then being appalled at the very thought process. Fuck being popular, fuck chasing those views. That’s not what I’m about and not you too – go and do something real, something nice. Go hug a child, eat something nice but not corporate, go outside into the sunshine, or something. Enjoy yourselves and ignore this pointless twaddle engineered to make you buy things you don’t need and resuscitate careers that faded years ago.

And certainly stop chasing what has been placed before you and start doing what you want to do. That’s as much a message and warning for myself as you. Have a good day.

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