Rusko kicks brostep out of sight

Rusko, the disavowed inventor of brostep, surprised me by creating a complete piano banger of a CHOOOON, Somebody to Love. Now this is proper old skool dubstep, with extra hands-in-the-air rave piano/break kicks in for good measure (and max smiles). Video is really sweet too (and yes like the YT comment I want a WAKE THE FUCK UP tshirt now).

So are we now agreeing the last few years didn’t happen? And continuing on from where Skream’s La Roux mix and Shy FX left off, ignoring the Radio 1 emo trance and going back to the original house/rave feel? Good. Works far better. He said he was creating an anti-brostep album, seems he’s fighting ’em in the trenches with the one Kryptonite the brostep brigade can’t defend against: tunes. And unlike the headbanging jock moshpits, it gets the girls in too, I bet. Double win!

Coming out tomorrow, and gonna be big…

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