Her Breath Is The Wind (Rhiannon’s Breath) – Sia vs Fleetwood Mac

A rarity a new mashup from me…a sequel of sorts to the Golden Mirror (Fleetwood Mac vs Elbow) this I think works better…it’s Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon vs Sia’s Breathe Me, a simple A vs B but I think has a great ambient mood, and makes me think of birds and wind and welsh goddesses.

tbc aka Instamatic – Her Breath Is The Wind (Rhiannon’s Breath)

Like this? There’s more Fleetwood Mac mashups on the Fleetwood Mix compilation.

Imagery is provided from Egypt, a collage of photographs I took of birds at Abu Simbel – keeping it related, pagan wise 😉

EDIT: Now finally has a video!

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