DJ Food does the Robot

If you’re a Kraftwerk fan you’ll love this – DJ Food every year or two puts together a mix of Kraftwerk covers & bits and bobs (bytes?) called unsurprisingly Kraftwerk Kover Kollection and he’s just reposted volume 5 on the interwebs, which was originally aired on Solid Steel Radio show in 2007.

I tried to find these a while back but could only find Vol 6 from 2009 which is also well worth a listen:

Great news is he’s going to post the other volumes in 2012…and a Vol 7 – can’t wait!

As a related aside to the interviews in vol 5: it’s so funny that Kraftwerk invented the soundtrack of the future, and then were so quickly overtaken by it on the autobahn…I mean hearing that they were blown away by Blue Monday sequenced on Apple Mac- but then turned up in New Order’s studio and were shocked by the lo-fi of what they found (I’m guessing the Mac wasn’t there), they amazingly didn’t have a sampler when Afrika Bambaata sampled them apparently, nor had a computer when writing Computer World.

They just went cycling instead…and seemed to have woken up to all this sometime between 1986-1990 in a catchup panic and a long protracted building of the perfect digital studio in the 80’s, by which time they had lost any momentum and slipped into 1st gear. All very strange.

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