Gruff Rhys is Having a Depressed Post Apocalyptic Atheist Christmas

Oh wow? Me too! 😉 Well maybe not this extreme, but ‘Slashed Wrists This Chrismas’ off Gruff’s forthcoming Atheist Christmas EP and it sounds like he’s been listening to Culturecide’s Depressed Christmas (you can still hear it on the Bah Humbug mix I did)…although rather more gently handled, it sums up the ambivalent feelings created about this time of year. Sadly they seem to have just made it private so I can’t embed it, so here’s the cheery Post Apocalypse Christmas with it’s nuclear glam glow.

Good news: it fades over time…I’m at the neutral ‘meh’ stage now. It may take 20+ years though!

For those lacking Xmess cheer I recommend not only the Gruff EP when it drops and that mix, but also the Bah Humbug CD I handed out at the Radio Clash night in 2006.

It’s still up and apparently Kirk plays it every year, which I think it’s a real honour…although he hates the Tiny Tim one, which I admit is an ‘Acquired’ taste! (hohoho…shit making jokes about AIDS, has it come to this? Oh I’ve just posted a track about a suicidal partner slashing their wrists at Xmas and nuclear oblivion, umm reality check…)


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