Month: November 2011

November 12 /

Yes you read right…Etta James who is now 73 has recorded her last and if Wikipedia is correct 29th (!) album, and has covered ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – just to prove it’s a good song (something I’d never have…

November 10 /

I somehow missed this excellent Reborn Identity video of Apollo Zero’s mashup from last year. Old skool b-movie UFOs and aliens always work!

November 8 /

The cats continue to take over the internet, and now with Kitten Covers…love the Mew Order, Clash and Kiss ones!

November 8 /

Just for the last person who’s not seen this (me probably)…this mashup by isosine with the lesbian moppet poppet Justin Bieber (Generation Y’s Donny Osmond – FACT) actually makes Slipknot listenable. 😉 Probably heard it at a Bootie somewhere and…