Prisencolinensinainciusol – you can say that again

Starts 1:30 min in by the way…prefer this original version, as other ‘remixed’ versions someone has slapped their Myspace name and large constant watermark all over it (just for cutting two of the live videos together, and not very well at that!). Here’s the other ‘Sesame Street’ style video too.

Not sure this really is the primo rap el mundo (first rap in the world) since you’d already had the Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron out there…but it’s a great nonsense song by Adriano Celentano with a wicked funky backing…which sounds REALLY familiar especially those horns. Has someone sampled this?

Also in a similar fashion to Day Job Orchestra there are loads of ‘interpretations’ on YouTube of what he’s really saying as well as the later ‘Sesame Street’…but as far as I can hear it’s just gibberish, apparently an attempt to replicate what American records sound like to Italians, presumably ones who don’t understand English…

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