Nothin’ Crazy – except selling my mashups

I guess my mashup being on Amazon (oh and iTunes too) would be something to brag about – if I’d put it there, and of course the original artists were being compensated, and it wasn’t someone else claiming it as their production also.

So DJ Crazy J Rodriguez please stand up for your online perp walk – selling my Nothin’ Crazy (Gnarls Barkley vs B.O.B ft Bruno Mars) for 89 cents as part of your ‘Summer Break’ album is not big, not clever and insulting as I post all of my mashups for free as I don’t own the copyright and never intend to make money from content I don’t own. Usual disclaimer is I do them for fun and not profit, with all parts credited and much love (and hopefully some extra sales/promotion) given to the original artists. Apparently there are many other mashups ‘stolen’ and sold there also from the likes of DJ ZEBRA, Fissunix, DJ Schmolli, Wax Audio, DJ Earworm, DJ Lobsterdust and Dan Mei…very naughty.

So save yourself some money and download Nothin’ Crazy for free here.


  1. Dave
    September 10

    Negative comments left on both outlets… done and done!

    • September 10

      Thank you! 😀

  2. Eric
    October 24

    You dont like his album then dont listen to it simple as that.

    • October 24

      Nothing to do with like – I already own many of these tracks for free. What I’m bothered about his DJ Chris selling mine and my friends mashups without compensation to the artists and claiming them as his creations which is wrong legally and morally, and gives a bad rep for the rest of us.

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