Acid Hunger: Acid Relief for East Africa

It seems that when there is a musical response to a disaster or event (concerts, albums, Live-8, Band Aid etc.) you get the most middle-of-the-road acts involved, necessarily I suppose for the widest appeal. But the thing is, most often than not the music is throwaway and you just think ‘I’d rather just donate and skip the terrible cover version with a cast of millions of z-list clebs’.

This is why Balkan Vinyl’s Acid Relief is so great and important – great acid-related/IDM tunes from the likes of LFO, Global Goon, Posthuman, Luke Vibert, Slipmatt, Digitonal and many more – and an album well worth paying for and listening to as proceeds go to the DEC’s East Africa Crisis appeal, to help those affected by the famine.

Even better is the fact that Bandcamp have waived most of their fees and all acts and everyone has donated their time for free – and you can pay what you want (I paid the normal album rate for it), or not at all if you’ve already donated…spread the word, I think this is a wonderful way of using the new technologies for good.

And without a mass charidee singalong/telethon or furry character in sight.

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