Mutant Pop Two – Class of 2002 stand tall!

Here’s the second part, a lot of the same suspects except some Kylie tastic mashups (and mashup history via the BRITS), DJ Spec’s classic Nelly vs Grange Hill pops up as does Philly Da Kid’s  Eminem vs Smiths mash which still does the business. Includes the first mashup I ever heard – Girls on Top’s ‘Warm Bitch’ released over 10 years ago now. Also As Heard on Radio Soulwax Vol 2 gets props, as does Jacknife Lee and Osymyso. Oh and the ever-present Missy – so present in mashups she gave the name to Get Your Bootlegs On (not personally…well who knows….)

Mutant Pop Two (mediafire) or you can listen/download to individual files at Bootleg Archive.


  1. Jacknife Lee – Here Kitty Kitty
  2. Freelance Hellraiser – Step On Man  (Happy Mondays vs Missy Elliott)
  3. Dsico – Groove’s A Bitch   (Dee-lite vs Missy Elliott)
  4. Soundhog – I Wish I Was A Bulldog    (Beatles vs Skee-Lo)
  5. Dsico – 2 Turntables Are Ice    (Ice Cube vs Beck)
  6. Ice Cube ft. Das EFX – Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)    
  7. DJ Spec – My School is    (Grange Hill vs Eminem)
  8. Osymyso – Freestyle Disco
  9. Compactdiscjockey – Can’t Get You Out Of My 24 hr Party Ppl    (Happy Mondays vs Kylie)
  10. Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (BRITS live Soulwax remake of a Kylie vs New Order mashup)  
  11. Frenchbloke – Walk The Thong   (Sisqo vs Still Can’t Remember Who That Is)
  12. Girls on Top – Warm Bitch   (Normals vs Missy Elliott)
  13. Mr On – Breathe Don’t Stop    (Michael Jackson vs Q-Tip)
  14. Dsico – Ziggy At Da Party    (Bowie vs Pink)
  15. Philly da kid – This Charming Booty    (The Smiths vs Eminem)
  16. Stark Effect – Gonna Make You Stupid    (CnC Music Factory vs XTC)
  17. Soundhog – Take It Easy Freak    (Adena Howard vs Mansun)
  18. Soulwax – No Fun / Push It    (The Stooges vs Salt n’ Pepa)
  19. Freelance Hellraiser – Smells Like Teen Booty    (Nirvana vs Destiny’s Child)
  20. Jacknife Lee – Get Ur 9lb Cock On    (Compulsion vs Missy Eliott)
  21. Frenchbloke – Carpe Diem    (The Carpenters vs Man Parrish)


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