A real person…just like you

A very important lesson, although the YouTube comments (‘I AM 12 AND WHAT IS THIS?’ style) kind of prove his point in reverse also.

And the other is true: have you told someone you like what they do? It’s not just about acting civilly on the internet, it’s also that unless you are just pumping out crap you don’t care about like cat macros and b3ta-style photoshops (rare, and even they care) everyone cares about their work and how it’s received. That’s not ‘being sensitive’ but how it is, we grow a certain crust to defend ourselves but knowing the successes too make it worth it. I’m reminded by this video of buying my recent vintage suit, I was slightly grumbly with the woman over something minor, but made sure she knew that the suit fit and I was very happy at the end. I knew as someone doing this as a sole trader that is really important too, customers can take take take but also should give when it goes right?

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