Yr new favourite song of the summr

Srsly, 6Music has been going CRAZY over this track, it’s not new but I love it…and finally found out what it is, Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks. Reminds me of a poppier Toro Y Moi or Washed Out, not a bad thing. #1 in Stereogum’s Song of Summer 2011 and nice to see Cults get #2 too.

Oh and the comments over at Stereogum about those tracks being ‘old’ are a hoot – bloggers and hipsters like seem to have an obsession with being FIRST!!! which is not the game I play at all, it’s about timing – I don’t care if it came out 5 years or 5 minutes ago, the art (as a DJ, as well as a music blogger) is to realise when it’s the right time, or best thing at that moment to post. Most of the hipsters don’t also understand what a summer song is about, either – fun, your friends know it, sunny, possibly silly. Mostly the anathema of hipster blogdom, then.

This blog has always been about best not first, quality not quantity, and if that takes a month or three, then so be it – in fact some of the best music takes a while to shift a few perceptions and minds before it takes off, but it seems a lot of music bloggers would be onto the ‘next big thing’ and not give it a chance…short-termism. Or in this case, snobbery?

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  1. Spot on. Hence i loved your inclusion of the Duran Duran track in a recent podcast. Fitted in perfectly.
    Happy summer

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