Sleigh Bells talk about LP2 and Coachella

Ooh! So fannishly excited! I love that Miller talked about Coachella being a high point, their gig there was one of the best if not the best of the whole festival. Strangely Coachella has been getting a lot of love from the Evening Standard ‘world trendiest festival’? and Metro here for the artworks created in part by a UK team.

Talking of artists and Coachella, I missed Chris Milk’s shiny bouncing disco balls during Arcade Fire, but this amazing and nostalgic interactive HTML5 video for their “We Used To Wait” is not to be missed, nice to see someone pushing the envelope with digital work but it being simple (where you grew up = instant nostalgia) but also spin that and be very clever (well…you’ll see :-D).

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