Joy Division finally gets the mashed love they deserve

Was listening to a Peel session (Festive Fifty from 1981 no less) with Joy Division today thinking ‘why aren’t there more JD mashes?’ – well I can answer my own question in part – it’s because it’s hard to do it well, and like all guitar bands from the pre-midi autotune era, key and timing is a bitch. And also no instrumentals.

But what do I see when I visit my favourite mashup emporium? Oki (who’s been featured here before, one to watch ppl) is doing a whole album of Joy Division mashes in a ‘girls on top’ style…and they’re good. This one actually makes Katy Perry’s fairly bland ‘Firework’ sound interesting, and I really recommend the Paramore vs Love Will Tear Us Apart which FINALLY delivers a decent LWTUA mash (no dsico your Missy one is discounted due to speeding LWTUA to frankly criminal speed!). More here.

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