Undeniably glitchy – Soul Like Khan remix album on it’s way!

News has finally broken of the Soul Like Khan remix/mashup album, and my video for Frail Limb Purity’s Glitch Mob vs Brown Bag Allstars (inc Soul Khan) is now live with more to come – check out his blog for details of the juicy listing, I’ve heard it and it’s very good, and set to drop on April 1st.

Including more videos from myself, so watch this space 😉

The really nice (and rare) thing is I’ve heard both sets of artists like the video, and might feature it on their sites after launch – I hope so. It’s nice to get feedback like that (I tend to be wary of asking artists what they think of me hacking around their work, so it’s good to get some nice reports back – so I must be doing something right with the video at least 😉

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