Andrew Lansley greedy, Andrew Lansley

Saw this doing the rounds over the last few days and stupidly didn’t watch – not only do I agree with this rap song by MC NxtGen blasting the government’s cuts (didn’t they miss a n in that? :-P) it’s brilliant and a great song to boot via House of the Rising Sun.

I’m against the attacks on the arts and the NHS among many others, the attacks on the libraries and the keep ’em dumb or dead philosophy from those ConDem Eton wankers, so this blast is right up my street. John was on the march last Saturday, as were friends of mine (I couldn’t make it sadly) and there was some violence but amazing how the government and the media have spun the fact that most people such as UK Uncut were peaceful and even the majority of arrests weren’t for damaging property (and the rumour that Sky was going around offering £25 for someone to throw a brick!). Strange times, indeed.

And #61 in the iTunes chart? Go! If we can get RATM to #1 we can get this there too.

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