Gotta get down on fried egg…

Now unless you’ve stayed in a nuclear bunker counting the end of days (actually, not a bad idea) you’d have heard about Rebecca Black and Friday, her internet sensation/musical calendar/existential seat choosing dilemma. Not only did the rather stilted video and strange but impossibly catchy song catch a lot of flack but also attention – you might hate the song but it’s a song-virus, one listen and you will be singing it for a week (well I have). Hence the astonishing amount of parodies including the Dylan and Black Metal ones linked here.

Initially I had the same response as most people – WTF? But as the song haunted my waking hours and forced me to find out more about the 13 year old, what was going on I grew to like it – it is pure pop genius, even if inane (but as others have pointed out, it’s far from unique in that aspect). What you have – putting the slightly creepy aspect of Ark Music Factory and her parents being fairly loaded – is a catchy song and one of the first real examples bar Teh Dark Lord Bieber of someone getting famous because they aren’t a stage school brat.

I think people over 18 (as Cowell said, and strangely I agree for once) might be missing one thing: her gawky charm, her obviously not stage-schooled presence, even the accidentally quirky and wonderful seriously droned FUN FUN FUN like some dark metal robotic beach boys…a fun track from someone who could actually be the girl next door. That’s not only very sellable, it’s rather unique in this fame obsessed times – in the past she’d not get hate for not conforming to X-Factor tropes, she’d be seen either as a novelty (think Clare), or *shock horror* – even punk/alternative.

Kind of sad people have to conform to those images that a pop star has to be X or Y isn’t it, that her lack of Britneyisms and Minipops style freakery lead to people posting hateful messages? That’s why I like Rebecca Black…and I hope she doesn’t do a Susan Boyle style transformation, and keeps it real with her new album (oh yes indeed) even though it might not be my bag, quirky = good in my book. Shame pop music (Gaga excepted) is so obsessed with shaving those corners off….

And I think it’s a song poem for the 21st century…and far better than the blasted Black Eyed Peas or Rihanna, although my feelings might change when it blasts from every radio…

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