In which YouTube accidentally reinvents that old Word 97 trick

Years ago we used to amuse ourselves with putting in words or intentionally mispelled words into Microsoft Office with hilarious results; well it was t’ Great War, an innocent time with simpler pleasures and twas nothing but whippets round here for miles….

Now with NEW! SHINY! INTELLIGUNT! technology you can do same with videos on YouTube, with equally hilarious results. You’ll have to find something other than the old kitchen curtains to wear and dusty lard to eat though. More’s the pity – kids don’t know they’re born! (you might want to click to watch on YouTube and switch on annotations – it’s the little speech bubble – to see the original proper words)

(Oh and this video proves what others have surmised – fake American is more accurate than the real English. That explains how it works with Fox then.)

It seems to have gotten a lot better since last April if you look at the original video. B-O-O-O-RING. I’m still waiting for the day we have timecoded per-word auto transcription, which would make video editing especially rx-style cutups a LOT easier…

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