Just go with it…but no, not you…

Buzz at the moment in the mashup world is that there are mashups in the new Adam Sandler film, the Hollywood update of ‘Cactus Flower’ – ‘Just go with it’ – video is him talking about mashups (someone re-educate him though about the ‘last 5 years’ being more like last 12? thnx.)

Mashups are on the film’s soundtrack in co-ordination with mashup illuminati such as Partyben, DJ Y alias JY, DJ Earworm, Lobsterdust and DJ Zebra – oh, maybe not the last one since he’s posted to GYBO forum that he wasn’t approached, hadn’t received any monies unlike apparently the others and someone else had remade his tracks. Oops.

I know, honour among thieves and all that, but it’s a low move to remake someone else’s mashups without them knowing, and take money for doing so. Also strange that Sony are pretending to be so mashup-friendly; in a move that reminds me of the farrago around the EMI Mash album they’ve been less that friendly to online mashers recently, and even I have had Sony artists blocked on YouTube – weird because unlike EMI they historically were one of the better ones (well they own Acid Pro mashup software – it would be like eating your own young, really).

So is this a form of Mashupwash by Sony? (aka Greenwash?)

EDIT: A recent post by Lobsterdust explains it was the studio’s decision not to contact Zebra and a last minute deal where clearance of other mashups fell through, and he didn’t even want to be credited and they fucked up even on that….had to do it as he was under contract – so classic ‘Just DO IT’ corporate BS, sadly…:-( Really Sony should’ve contacted Zebra…

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