Pre-C #2 – Skrillex

Ooh this is capital D DIRTY. Skrillex brings enough 8 bit flourishes to come on like a OneOhTrix Point Never with a really bad headache and an electric drill, and not so much Deadmau5 tranceisms that it gets too bloated and happy (I thought that before I discovered he is in fact now signed to his mau5trap label…I can hear why! But with basses like that I can forgive the slightly trancey/mau5y bits). A lot of the acts for Coachella are of the dubstep or evil bass persuasion (or just evil and will never be mentioned here – eh Sasha and Fedde?) which makes me wonder if dubstep and post-dubstep acts are going to cross over there?

And here he gives Skream’s classic version of La Roux’s ‘In it for the Kill’ a run for it’s money….

Relatio Clash

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