Rock and Roll? YR DOING IT WRONG: Crazy Christian music

OK is there a more of a misnomer than ‘Christian Rock’? And certainly here these kids called ‘X-TReMe PoWeR’ with their song Respect and Obey Authority are DOING IT WRONG – I mean Rock and Roll is about rebellion right? Not giving into authority and listening to your parents and also – the clincher – praying for those in authority. Nice. Also like the fact they are so authentic they are playing Rock Band instruments. Hmm, I think a svengali is pulling the strings here. Internets – DO YOUR WORST!

Can’t wait for their rebellious meth/crack/whores fallout when they are older, might get interesting then…

Via Ian Fondue and Naomi is the next wonderfully strange video – if Elvis Costello or the Specials had become a born again then this might have been the result. Or maybe not – I present to you ‘Sonseed’ *snigger* and Jesus is my Friend:

PLEASE tell me this is a spoof…cos otherwise the world is a stranger place that I thought. EDIT: Actually they are real – read the interview with Sal the lead singer over at Dougsploitation. Nice to know he’s cool, has a sense of humour and even got back on stage to perform it live a few years back!

Best thing? The uncomfortable large guy in the choir who looks like he’d rather be elsewhere. I know the feeling…but Teh Lord works in mysterious was as It’s a total earworm and yes – people have already done version of this, the best I’ve seen is Satan is my Friend:

Talking of Satan…death/black metal is usually on his side, but behold Pilot Light with their Christian Death Metal…I kid you not:

Yes ‘unblack’ or Christian ‘White’ Metal exists…check out this rather embarassing song by Antestor, Jesus Saves. *devils horns facepalm*

OK to cleanse those disturbing thoughts of a Reign of Good here’s Silverwind with loads of balloons, doves, swings, Aryan white dancing and singing children, monkeys, clowns in slo-mo, and cystal balls and a Maypole…wait, what?

It’s like an Abba video made in Stepford with It standing by. And someone tell them the Maypole is *pagan*? kthanx.

Christian Crunk anyone? No Homo?

Maybe christians shouldn’t rap, well at least not this lot:

And this group is down with the BHV, (well you know me). SABD? SAVD? Eh? SHAVED?

And to prove that such craziness is not restricted to Christianity – and following the edict that most people should not try to rap – here’s MC Happiness the Buddhist rapping monk:

And this is the coolest monk on earth – a heavy metal Capuchin monk called Father Cesare who also performed under Fratello Metallo (Father Metal). There needs to be more of this, whereas most of the Satanist and Christian metal are faking their latin incantations, he’s 4 real. Sadly he stopped in 2009.

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