Ron and Harry’s Excellent Wizard Adventure!

I’m eagerly waiting for part one of Deathly Hallows – will be seeing it with Kirk in 3D on the 25th – my first 3D movie too. Squeeee!

So before then here’s the Harry Potter musical which seems more Bill and Teds meets Grease than JK Rowling…and thus is far from serious in intent – where I was working last week the Potter Musical was a running joke, now via Gryphons_hole who posted it on LJ I now know what they meant! Awesome!

The whole musical is on there – here’s part 2:

Cho Chang, y’all! Flew powder power! Flew powder power!


  1. November 16

    flue powder power made me giggle out loud…

    thanks for the nod, mister. it certainly isn’t the best as far as production value, but I think they made it exactly as intended…
    and Malfoy, Voldemort and Snape simply crack my stuff up! and my mind kept running connections to the Peanuts gang…



  2. Tim Drury
    November 16

    The Deathly Harrows is not being released in 3D as they’ve decided there isn’t enough tone to process it into 3D ATM. Part 2 however does look likely to be 3D when it’s released next summer.

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