Videotones unholy trinity: 3 more Kleptones videos

The Videotones project is coming on leaps and bounds, 13 videos so far – here’s three (count ’em!) more Videotones videos, 2 more from the Downtime and one from Uptime.

Firstly here’s Brad Mackey with his take on Interlude, the introductory track on Downtime. How much like God is a man? (from Britannia Hospital, also used for that Orbital sample, fact fans!) Thoughtful, deep stuff.

Secondly is Seed of Idumea by Blofeldcine, using clips from Harold and Maude for a downbeat look at death…tempus fugit, mors ultima linea rerum est as they say.

And finally a more upbeat video from Tom Beg, those cwazy quazy Faith No More types, they’re like the Metal Care Bear Bunch aren’t they? PREPARE TO CARE (ironically, with a scowl?).

Relatio Clash

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