100Akres* (* mule not included)

Callng Jeb and Thomas and co. – 100Akres is making beat tapes – hiphop lmashup blends from the 80’s pop and RnB likes of Bowie, Whitney and Billy Ocean! Love the spoken interludes with Whitney and Billy and co.

This I think is where hiphop blends tend to merge into more avantgarde musical cutups (pogo, danuimo and the like) where every beat, sound and vocal is a sound source and flipped, reversed, mashed and filtered to create a new beat, a new soundtrack. Tranformed. I know since the likes of DJ Shadow this isn’t totally controversial, but interesting how the musical divisions still remain and like my previous post about Kanye I think some musical snobbery and genre ghettoisation is going on – surely the beats created by the likes of Reanimator, Kanye and 100Akres on their own stand up as much in their mashfuckery as those from the artiest imprint or the most underground?

Thanks to anmlz on GYBO for the tip.

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