Two more Johns: Happy Birthday John Lennon and John Peel Day

My life seems rife with Johns at the moment (listen to the podcast to find out why *enigmatic smile*) and here’s two other Johns that deserve honouring, for today would’ve been John Lennon’s 70th birthday, so here’s an excellent Philretrospector mashup of Coldplay (s’ok I’ll let him off, it’s a special occasion) and Beatles and the video in particular is a tribute to him:

If I may slightly plug my wares, you might like the Beatles mashups, remixes and covers in my 7 Beatles shows.

And it’s also John Peel day – heard on 6Music Marc Riley and Matt Everett talking about their Peelie experiences – Radio Clash would not have existed without John Peel, as his death in Oct 2004 inspired me to start podcasting nearly 6 years ago. I’ve talked about Peel many times on the podcasts – there is at least two John Peel specific podcast in the vaults – Radio Clash 49: Play at the Wrong Speed and Radio Clash 93: D’Ya Ken? Disturbed Listening Hour and many more shows and posts with references to him – especially the Aural pOddities shows (which I always think as sort of Peel shows as they inspired Disturbed Listening Hour).

John Peel, I salute you!

(Apols if you are the photographer, it seems to be a much abused/copied/edited press pic for the Fabric Live 07 CD, I can’t find a proper photo credit – one of the things that fucks me off about photos and the internet actually, I like to give credit where I can! Use EXIF, people!)

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