Month: October 2010

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Well not really…just highlights the stupid song-referencing pop-culture empty catchprases he uses…from b3ta, love the description: ‘i dont think i can stand 5 more years of his shiny face’ from there…I think we need more character assassination in short phrases…

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Photo by kyz – Creative Commons

Originally put together on the 25th October, the 6th anniversary of John Peel’s death, technical difficulties stopped it being recorded and posted then. John Peel’s death was the catalyst for this podcast (Radio Clash started a little over a month later), so I always feel I have to pay tribute to him in some way.

As a tribute to John Peel and new music, I thought I’d do something I almost never do – rifle through the piles of emails to find the music that has been submitted to Radio Clash, mostly by new/hopeful bands and artists over the last 5 years.

From japanese jazz punk flautists to french rappers, from 8bit to 32 bit mashups, from DIY ambience to noir surf-rock exotica, it has something for everyone! Some great, some weird, I hope the eclectic nature of this show goes a small way in the spirit of John Peel’s radio career – and maybe helps a few new acts along the way, or at least as a ‘sorry’ for those I didn’t get back to or didn’t play.

“If Elvis were alive today, I think he’d really understand happy hardcore.”
(1hr30 mins, 87Mb)



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Callng Jeb and Thomas and co. – 100Akres is making beat tapes – hiphop lmashup blends from the 80’s pop and RnB likes of Bowie, Whitney and Billy Ocean! Love the spoken interludes with Whitney and Billy and co. The…