Denial of Service

No not talking about Twitter (although I have to say, a site that depends on Javascript for deleting or posting but doesn’t disable it in the posts is incredibly negligent and stupid. I mean, security 101 here?!? And make your site not need Javascript too!) but that following the news that the film industry has been paying an Indian firm to do illegal DDOS (Denial of service attacks) against filesharing sites, 4chan and Anonymous have been hitting back and been taking down the Aiplex, MPAA and RIAA sites with the same attack. And BPI are targetted also.

Well you live by the sword…’Operation payback’ they call it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. And nice to see Anon has moved on from the potentially dodgy Pedobear ComicCon fracas and into real action again…

And if you want a recent example of why the MPAA and such ACTA pushing organisations are teh evil, they seem to be pushing for UK-DEAct style firewalls to governments with the benefit that it could also block ‘damaging’ sites like Wikileaks. The hatred of Wikileaks is probably because the ACTA documents were leaked on the site in 2008 when they were trying to keep it all a secret- something they deny but interesting that very few definite facts about ACTA where known until I think it was Sweden published one of the documents under a FOIA Request for disclosure. Not exactly ‘public’ is that (file cabinets in disused lavatories with Beware of the Cheetah on the door come to mind)

Worrying, much? Dystopia here we come!

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