RIAA presents ‘USA’ in 10 parts

Longtime featured artist, writer of the highly recommended MusicforManiacs blog and inspiration Mr Fab aka RIAA is sadly calling it a day – I hope like all mashup retirements this is short lived, but has left us with an epic 10 part 4 hour mix album ‘USA’.

Now I know I’m far from ‘FIRST!!!’ on this, but let me explain the ethos of this blog…I only post quality, I listen to everything I post in full, and some things are growers and ‘USA’ is not an exception to that (and 4 hours is a lot to digest!). I know that means I miss out on the bragging rights of posting things first sometimes but I’d rather be ‘late’ and post something that I know that I love and hope other people will love, than post any old shit because it’s new in this Facebook/Twitter/24-7 microsecond culture. And interestingly USA is more of an conceptual old skool artwork that requires a slightly longer attention span than that.

Anyway rant over – here’s my favourite part, #6 p2p and probably one of the more accessible parts, I heard this while riding around Regents Park on Sunday and thought: I MUST post that. It’s a great legacy to what RIAA/Mr Fab has done over the years, and of course I love the political and copyleft politics expressed within, but it’s also fun 🙂

I also see he’s released the ‘Singles’ from the mix – more to listen to! And you can also download the bittorrent.

RIAA – USA (part 6 ‘p2p’)

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  1. September 14

    Thanks Tim, much appreciated!

    I still come up with musical ideas, and hope to get back in the game one day, but I must say, it’s a nice change of pace to focus on other things (and not sit in front of the computer so much!)

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