Hackgate – our Watergate?

Well maybe there isn’t a more direct connection to Cameron to fully support a PM toppling move yet, but if one were to be proved…

You already have phone hacking, lies, chief spin person to David Cameron who used to be editor at a paper full of unethical journalists who say Andy Coulson knew what they were doing (really hard to believe a newspaper that wouldn’t discuss sources, especially with the boss who could take the rap or even jail for them?), the Murdoch family and their stinking pile that is called News International going after the BBC (the whole license fee and BBC Trust/6Music attacks are due to their political/media pressure and money they throw around) and ITV/Thames at varying times.

More worryingly the fact the Metropolitan Police buried evidence from the CPS, didn’t investigate other journalists despite obvious evidence that there was more than the 2 people involved, and that high up police and military and government ministers and MPs were on the lists they recovered. Is this blackmail? Does Rupert Murdoch know where the bodies (or protesters) are buried? Scary stuff.

The funny thing is they’re about to be sued by 4-5 people, one is actually someone who works at Sky, who was a victim of the hacking too.

The most damning thing though? It takes the New York Times to report this – and the FT and Guardian (and now Independent) to meekly follow suit, with nary a peep from anyone else apart from Private Eye who always cover this. They’re all too scared of Uncle Rupert. Cowards.

Well at least John Pilger dared write about it – it’s very true, some parts of Liverpool still don’t sell The Sun because of this shocking piece of hackery, and quite rightly so. If the Pakistan Cricket allegations also turn out to be false also, expect similar burnings of their newspapers (and hopefully not poor donkeys – LEAVE THE DONKEYS ALONE! May I suggest effigies of Murdoch?).

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