Bollywood in Space wins GYBO Weekend Challenge, Thou Shalt Always GYBO

You might recall me mentioning GYBO Weekend Challenge, the ad-hoc for-fun mashup challenge where you have a weekend (no, never) to create a mashup using a pre-selected acapella and instrumental – and winner voted by the people of the board (usually other challengers) gets bragging rights and to select the next tunes to mash. Well not only is it on it’s 13th incarnation, like Fela Down the Chippy my track that won the first one, weekend before last I won against some tough competition with my exceedingly rough and ready and silly ‘Bollywood in Space’ using Babla Orchestra and the selected instrumental ‘Do You’ by Adam Freeland and some early space samples, with a sort of EBN/MBM inspiration (but not as good). I hope you like…not as polished as my usual, but fun 😀

What I’m reallty proud of is for this weekend (just gone)’s challenge I got to choose the next tracks for the 13th GYBO challenge – Pet Shop Boys ‘Always on my Mind’ seems to have flummoxed them all apart from MP3J’s excellent mash and Pom’s Always Mine mash which works really well.

But the acapella was the perennial Thou Shalt Always Kill by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – one of my favourite tracks and this seems to have caught the collective inspiration of GYBO. Firstly with this amazing track from Dunproofin – Just a Band probably my favourite so far, certainly those of you who like the Radio Clash theme music which is also by Andy will LOVE this:

Dunproofin – Just a Band

And LV15 does a rather litigious reading of it with a very current Bieber 800-type ambience, again brilliant although he might get threats from Strummer’s legal team 😛

And the house tastic Justice vs Thou Shall Always Kill from Ian Fondue – love the just a band section when it kicks in

And for a spacefunk MBM type vibe is FM24’s take on Thou Shalt Always Kill.

This is all making it very hard to know who to vote for. If I can vote being Queen Fingertrouble 😉 I’ll just wave then, and say let them eat Caek (is a lie!).

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