RC 192: Return to Summerisle Part One

Outer Hebrides, 2006

Get out your apples, pipes and fairisle jumpers, it’s a trip back to the 1970’s folk and a return to Summerisle – the Wicker Man+ awaits…This part is about the older influences to the amazing soundtrack by Paul Giovanni – English, Irish and Scottish songs dating back upto 800 years – to the start of recorded music itself.

The Dionysian revelries continue in Part Two.

Where’d they find virgins nowadays? (86Mb, 92 mins)

  • Sumer is icumen in (English, c.1260)
  • Paul Giovanni – Willow’s Song
  • [anonymous] – Martin said to his man (English, 16th Century)
  • Paul Giovanni – Gently Johnny
  • Unknown – Gently Johnny, My Jingalo (English, earlier but first written down 1907)
  • Meg Baird – Willie O’Winsbury (Scottish, 1775)
  • Paul Giovanni – Procession
  • Shantalla – The Highland Widow’s Lament (Scottish, c.1715-1745)
  • Robertson’s Rant (Scottish, N. Gow, c.18th C)
  • Paul Giovanni – Searching for Rowan
  • Drowsey Maggie (Irish/Scots? c. 1833 – prob earlier)
  • Emily Smith – Rigs O’ Barley (Scottish, R. Burns, 1783)
  • Paul Giovanni – Corn Rigs
  • Paul Giovanni – Maypole Song
  • Seamus Kennedy – Rattlin’ Bog (Irish)
  • Barry & Robin Dransfield – I Sowed Some Seeds (English, Ishmael Cornick, 1906/ early 19th C.)
  • Paul Giovanni – The Landlord’s Daughter
  • Cyril Tawney – The Hostess’s Daughter (English, Ishmael Cornick, 1906/ early 19th C.)
  • Paul Giovanni – The Masks / The Hobby Horse
  • La Reverdie – Miri it is hwile sumer ilasts (English, late 13th C.)
  • Sneaker Pimps – How Do

+ the 1973 film, not that goddess-awful 2006 remake

EDIT: I forgot to say these sources of information and inspiration:

  1. The Music of the Wicker Man – brilliant article and this show heavily leant on (ie stole) this information – hope you don’t mind!
  2. Inside the Wicker Man: How Not to Make a Cult Classic (excellent book – most ‘interviews’, ‘documentaries’, ‘new information’ and ‘shocking exposes’ are seemingly this book reheated/nicked – it’s a good read despite having heard a lot of the info from elsewhere, not the books fault as this seems to be the source for all of that)
  3. Wiki Man (lol)
  4. Gary Carpenter – Setting the Score – interesting info especially about the Trunk release, although in fairness I have to link their response and without the Trunk release being successful there would be no other versions or anything to kvetch about. Also I think the legalities of performance fees are now very different from 1973.
  5. Burnt Offerings – Cult of the Wicker Man
  6. Wicker Man Enigma – both on the DVD
  7. A Darker Shade of Pagan – Wicker Man posts

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