¡Cumbia! ¡Cumbia! ¡Champeta! ¡Brega!

This one goes out to Scott The Gay American and cohost of the Ghey Metal Shows on Radio Clash – I dunno how black metal can get gayer/cheesier/stranger than this. Cumbia Metalera! Obviously in Spanish but with some english names in there you’ll get the idea. Cumbia started in Columbia but is all over Latin America – close to mine and DJNoNo’s heart as it uses accordions traditionally, with modern updates with far too cheesy Casio/Yamaha synths.

This is an example of Cumbia Mexicana:

Been on a bit of a South American binge tonight. with finding out about Tecno Brega (literally ‘cheesy techno’ – and it is) whos creation and distribution methods should sound familiar to mashup artists:

Basically they take existing songs and add synth accompaniment in a local style in Belém (although a lot of them sound like autotuned Shakira b-side forcibly copulated* with a paper-thin sounding cheap Casio synth – ‘cutting edge latest equipment’ my arse – maybe for 1986!) but the interesting thing is not wondering whether the people dancing to this are doing this ironically as some bad art statement (it’s crossed my mind) but that they distribute to street vendors for free and don’t get any money from the remixes. It’s all about the performance/DJ fee – as most mashup people tend to operate, as selling mashup CD-Rs is frowned upon, unlike white label vinyl.

Those who like the cheesier karaoke side of music might like the tecnobrega version of Toxic. Or not. By the way the beat never diverts from this standard ‘Casioton(e)’ beat. This is it, song after brain-melting song.

Other latin american music, more my style and more I think inventive than tecnobrega is Champeta which is Columbian like Cumbia but has a wonderful stuttered/cat on a keyboard approach to sample/percussion use – something closer to funk carioca from Brazil if it had hot messy sex* with Nawlins Bounce. :

Rock those SA1s! Where’s the sound of the breaking glass? Oh there it is…you controllerism peeps check out the last video for how it’s done, old skool…who said synths and samples can’t be funky?

BONUS: The booby prize for oddest mix AND video with EVERYTHING thrown in (rather charmingly like the MORE IS MORE of Champeta the makers of these videos reflect the music by throwing everything at reaching distance into them, however bizarre), from GIF animations to Deluxe Paint colorcycles, video effects from the ‘don’t use – too cheesy’ folder, dancing gherkins (?), bubbles, fireworks, falling christmas presents (??) and text animation that would make an Amiga demo writer circa 1987 blush. BRAVO!

* you can tell John is away can’t you?

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