dubslap – crazy dubstep mashes

I can imagine all the web nanny corporate firewall sphincters contracting as I type the name of this mashup artist Retarded Cunt but what the fuck – crazy, uncommercial, uncompromising, messy and silly name, crazy, uncommercial, uncompromising, messy and silly mashups. I like, a lot.

Sometimes the millions of radio-friendly perfectly musically pitched ‘Pop vs Pop’ productions aren’t the point – where’s the grit? The humour? The what the fuck attitude? I worry for a lot of the more recent mashup artists, the pop is less bastard and more brand-friendly. Harummph.

And gotta love something that will never be played on radio, probably cos of the name…as everyone worries about their ‘brand’ and corporate slightly radical posturing…wonderful. You’ll probably hate it, probably think it’s terrible (hey I agree it’s wrong – even probably someone’s idea of a joke alias – but wonderfully intentionally wonkily wrong – full of YOU CAN’T DO THAT moments, some that work, some that don’t) but silly sonic terrorism (as Vicki People Like Us says ‘avant retard’) gives me hope because that’s where this whole thing came from. Silly, messy, clashy, witty, WTF bootlegs. It’s what I fell in love with in the first place.

And anything that makes jaded-old ‘heard it’ me laugh nowadays is alright with me. KInd of like Girl Talk with better drugs and a sense of humour…

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