My response to CPS dropping charges re: Ian Tomlinson

Just sent this as a response to the news that amazingly CPS has dropped
all charges against the officer that hit and pushed Ian Tomlinson:

You can add your comment at the CPS website:

I am disgusted at the CPS verdict re: Ian Tomlinson. It’s amazing that an
officer of the law can baton and then push over a member of the public –
not even a protester – and this considered not an injury.

I understand the verdict re: the differences between the coroners that a
manslaughter verdict is not possible, but the idea and the message that
police officers can behave like an petulant child and shove the public out
of their way (when said public might be ill, drunk, mentally disabled or
otherwise incapable to comply, their lack of compliance does not
automatically equal defiance) and such aggression SHOULD be dealt with.

Otherwise myself and others lose trust in the actions of the police force,
that they will use undue violence and then excuse it because there was a
few far away and unrelated that were violent to property – a dangerous
message to send out, and like Blair Peach before him there is a general
feeling that the CPS and the Metropolitan Police protect their own; that
the very lack of reply denied in the case of these deaths and the very
tangible fear of police (see the reports that statistics in young people
the majority do not trust a policeman or woman with a gun; after Charles
De Menenez this is not surprising).

The corroding effect of this decision will be seen in such losses of trust
– which is damaging for those in the police force who are trying to do
good and as we know rely the help of the public to do their work. Also the
reinforced ‘them vs us’ – it’s certain to my mind that a member of the
public in a similar position would almost certainly be prosecuted.

I hope you reverse this decision and decide to prosecute – even if
unsuccessful it would reinforce the idea that the police are there to
serve us; that they aren’t immune and that they are being watched for such

yours sincerley,


(incidentally tried to send this earlier and failed partly due to evil web nanny software called WebMarshal at work…this software takes it back to the 1950’s, where¬† this entire blog got banned for using the word ‘bitch’ and this post banzored my email domain and webmail client, and wouldn’t let me submit this to the CPS for I dunno what (CPS and police references? How are those ‘Illegal or Obscene’?) – the irony is that they were using my personal email at work because it takes so long to – you guessed it – get IT to setup anything including an email address for a temp. Hmm.)

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