Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blechdom do Jackie

Just heard this on Do or DIY’s latest podcast which as usual is amazing and wonderful *shelves current podcast and starts again ;-)* and it’s great to hear some new music from Kevin Blechdom (of Bastard fave cover ‘I Will Always Love You’ with Dsico), also reunited with Blevin Blechtum as Blechtum from Blechtum where it all began (or bleched?). Watch for a whole load of beautiful blechdumb.

They both deserve to be a lot more known…amazing that the US creates wonderfully quirky electronic musicians and experimental musicians which actually have wider appeal, and mostly they get ignored at home unless they’re hipsters like Animal Collective, MTV like Devo or just MEH like Girl Talk (thinking people like Matmos, Negativland, Residents, ECC, Cex, Venetian Snares – ok he rarely has wide appeal, Chicks on Speed hey they’re nearly all in SF/Bay Area…or had to move to Europe. Hmmm.).

I’m guessing unless the quirks fit into some branding strategy the US media and music industry will want to lop them off, whereas here the quirks and non-homogeneity is what makes it cool.

Anyway enough ranting and more blech:

Love the plants and beekeeper masks, LOL.

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  1. July 16

    That is really fascinating, thanks for bringing it our way. I looked up the Scott Walker version of Jackie on YouTube and while it’s well done I don’t find it as compelling as this stranger, poppier version.

    I wonder what you think of Bjork’s acapella album MedĂșlla — it’s certainly the opposite of indy yet it’s unique and strange as well, in similar ways to the above version of Jackie. MedĂșlla was big briefly yet I never would have heard of Blectum From Blechdom had you not posted this. I enjoy life slightly more due to this blog. (Dare I say vlog? mlog?)

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