Care Bear Double Rainbow Stare! What does it mean? Woah…it’s so intense!

The original:

And the remix, which makes me love the internet even more, from the Autotune News peeps:

Actually I like the song even more, kind of sums up the awe in more than the slightly odd (surprised ‘shrooms weren’t involved, Paul Vasquez the ‘Yosemitebear Mountain Giant’ says no ) extreme style of the original, and quite wisely cut most of the sobbing. And moaning. Which although I really appreciate the fact that yes the world has amazing beauty and most people take it for granted, and that IS a bitchin’ rainbow, that bit was ever so slightly scary. More so if he wasn’t on anything…although he does partake of weed, so maybe it’s some sort of THC afterglow? 😉

Even inspired an excellent and funny Muppet Mashup:

I find it quite sweet and life-affirming actually – especially when coupled with Pachelbel’s canon in a mashup style 😀 Or even this 2001: A Double Rainbow Odyssey.

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