Seasick Steve

I actually saw the Jools Holland Hootenanny where he first played, can’t remember where but I was definitely ‘WTF was that’ in a good way…that was 2006, now he’s a festival regular and has his 4th album out this year…wow.

Heard him today talking on the radio to Auntie LaLa and his accent is swoonsome…all Deputy Dawg y’all, not often an accent (and that beard) make me go all liquid, but his does. And an awesomely nice guy…just to show yes something non-X-Factor, genuine (growls at NME) and someone at 70 can rock the house. Obviously Bo Diddley is a big influence here, and can hear some more modern influences in there if well buried, and the old blues masters – interestingly he was taught by K.C. Douglas according to him…blues is alive and well – but also was a friend to Kurt Cobain and part of that alternative scene, too – hence I think that’s why he bridges a lot of genres.

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