Frank Sidebottom RIP

Frank Sidebottom aka Chris Sievey RIP – been following him on Twitter I knew he had cancer but really didn’t think he’d be gone. I got to see him once at the Tate doing his Queen medley. I hope Little Frank can cope.

Breaking news: it turns out Chris for all his charity work didn’t have any money and neither have his family and likely will have a pauper’s funeral 😮 – to stop this you can Paypal donations to (via Jon Ronson) – please RT/reblog this, let’s Frank/Chris have the funeral he deserves, for all the joy he brought us.

Here’s his fond tribute to Tony Wilson – doing a funny yet now poignant mashup of Love Will Tear Us Apart…sure he’d love to go out on a laugh as all comedians would love to.

and here’s his wonderful version of the Beatles ‘Flying’

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  1. little_frank
    July 9

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