Waiting for Garfield

Behold Dan Walsh’s genius Garfield minus Garfield; which is unusual in a whole  sea of C&D’s regarding derivative and transformative works of cartoon/comic characters is that Jim Davis is not only a fan but they did a book together. Very cool of Jim…as Dan points out the whole idea isn’t new, although the idea of deleting Garfield is new to me (previous works have changed or deleted Garfield’s responses (or all of them) or deleted Jon from the proceeds or added new characters).

I think this existential ‘Waiting for Garfield’ angst version of Garfield, while also funny in places is verging on art; the bathos and focusing on Jon’s mental state brings it into pop art territory in my mind. And also is perfect mashup territory being an excellent display of a transformative work where the original creator sees the value and humour in the new work, and not only is the new work allowed but both collaborate to make new ones with the book.

Contrast this with the war over Dysfunctional Family Circus.

Thanks to Solcofn for putting me onto G-G.

Oh and polka! Accordions! <3!

Relatio Clash

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