Can you stay, for these days?

It’s 30 years since Ian Curtis died, so today Michael I’m mostly listening to Joy Division. Here have ‘These Days’ – b-side to Love Will Tear Us Apart and one of, if not the, last studio recordings Ian did, a mile or two (literally) from where I was born and grew up – although I’d just moved down south a few months earlier at that time.

Also vocal-less but really digging Incubation today, off the Komakino single:

R.I.P. Ian – listening to one track off the Komakino flexi I wonder if the next album would’ve been quite electronic. What might have been…although instead we got New Order, a much sunnier cousin to the darker JD, so not all bad, Here it is with some datamoshing (which is like the modern equivalent of my running VHS tape through backwards techniques at college; creating MPEG2 intentional encoding errors as transitions:

Want to hear more? Well check out Recycle, the New Order / Joy Division remasters project blog run by longtime friend of Radio Clash and myself Jeb £50 Note and friends.

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