Quickie mashup #1: Fela Down The Chippy (Swears He’s Hot) – Fela Kuti vs Hot Chip

First quickie mash as part of Jez CMP’s Weekend Challenge (to create a bootleg in a weekend) and as I don’t release things enough (sit on them for months > years) I thought like the CO bootleg to just get this out there to the usual deafening silence 😛

The instrumental given was Hot Chip’s ‘One Pure Thought’ and it’s afrobeat drums reminds me of Fela Kuti, the king of Afrobeat, so here it is mashed with ‘Lady’ and a little bit of ‘Schuffering and Schmiling’. Given the sources probably about 0.5 people will get it, but if it makes one person (or 0.5 of one) check out Fela’s back catalogue such as Black President then job’s a good ‘un.

Oh and usual pop service will continue shortly 😉

Fela Down the Chippy (Swears He’s Hot) – Fela Kuti vs Hot Chip


  1. May 17

    Love this!

    Actually, now that the Fela musical is all the talk of the theatre world – it just got something like 11 nominations for the Broadway “Tony” awards – Fela might not be a cult artist for too much longer.

    • May 17

      hope so – Fela deserves a lot more attention…and surprised no film of his life although apparently a biopic is in production (of the musical?). Amazing it took so long, since he had such a big profile and his life was dramatic.

  2. BenY
    May 17

    I can dig it.

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