N-N-N-Nineteen – nothing much changes does it?

A few recent and not so recent videos reminding you that certain wars is still going on, political strife and protest are on the horizon, and history just keeps repeating itself…

First from Paul Hardcastle whose created a 25th anniversary version of his 1985 hit ’19’ but of course this time about Afghanistan (apparently now to be released after the election)

Next up Celebrity Murder Party has created a new version of Billie Ray Martin’s Crackdown (with Stephen Mallinder in the song and video), with video and a more political edge with an afro-beat (and even I think a 23 Skidoo) feel:

Missed this at the time – banned by MTV – but a great video showing how all our lives are affected by war, even if it’s far away (and others lives are directly affected who are just the same as us)

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