a rather geeky post but I’m rather pleased…my first Linux install

May seem a small step for the rest of the universe, but this is my first post on Ubuntu, a Linux system. I like open source, and use it where I can on this Vista machine…but previously scared of all the driver hassles and hoops you had to jump through – and those bash/bin/i/am/a/total/geek/ -rm mysocialife stuff just scared me…There does need to be a Windows > Linux guide – there is the ‘there there there’ don’t scare the horses stuff, but I’m an advanced Windoze user since WinNT through to 3.1 so I’m not scared of a CLI prompt – but even I find those commands scary – great thing is you don’t seem to need them for most things, and definitely not to install or use it!

Check out Gwibber – the social media chat/post program built in – with an MP3 playing in the background in Firefox…quicktime stutters if I do that on Vista! Firefox is much faster, and love the email program, wish there was an Evolution for the PC, I’d switch from Eudora (never liked Outlook either) – maybe if I can convert the Unix mbx files I might switch to Ubuntu for everyday 😉

Surprised how easy it was for Ubuntu to pick up on my Sony Vaio’s drivers, even the volume control that apparently even Hackintoshes can’t do – only problem was Microsoft not being happy with the change in the partition and deciding to anally checkdisk for hours…and the slight annoyance that Ubuntu won’t install on a FAT32/NTFS drive – you apparently have to use it’s own fileformat for that, which means of course Windows can’t see it without frigging around with drivers…oh happy joy, that was SO much fun with the old Macs before they built in NTFS <> HFS support /not.

Only victim is my mouse…which was playing up with Vista/Firefox too, just does it more in Ubuntu…switched to my other one, everything seems fine!

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