They only did it cos of fame – Who? (Couldn’t happen to a nicer company)

You need Guy Hands to hold a company you don’t care for
You need Guy Hands to show that he’s insincere
When you feel nobody wants to know you
You need Guy Hands to brush away the tears easily disposable assets under the carpet as quickly as possible

EMI worth £2bn less than what Terra Firma paid, and looks like it’s going to get split up and sold, or go back to Citigroup who allegedly said there was other bidders when there wasn’t.

Altogether: 1, 2, 3 aaaahhhhh….diddums. Not that the possibility of Warners (the 2nd worse, fast becoming the 1st worst multi-record-YouTube-attacking-corporate like ever) gobbling them up and getting more fat and lazy is good, but really…EMI has been on life support and taking it out on the fans and bands since Sex Pistols day and before, and specifically the online and mashup community ever since the early 00s, so squish squish, squish squish I’m crying (crocodile) tears darling.

UPDATE: In rather sad news they are selling Abbey Road Studios…there goes the history *sigh*

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