I <3 James Randi - long may he live :-D

He’s just finished his chemo for intestinal cancer…which seems to have gone well, so I hope his prognosis comes out well…long may James Randi live – already survived a coronary bypass. Love the fact an 81 year old has such grasp of science and technology and is still sharp…:-D And still debunking those psychics and faith healers…

And yes I love that beard, always have…but the Amazing Randi was also shockingly beautiful (and unlike common perception didn’t arrive at birth with that long white beard!) when younger (1960’s? 1950s?):

Although the magician bondage bear fans among you might prefer this rather odd picture LOL


  1. January 26

    I’m pretty sure that I’m the only guy in the history of the world that has sampled his voice for a tune.

    lower pic: Aleister Crowley?!?

    • Well unless Wired has gotten it’s credit wrong, that’s a young Amazing Randi. With Sam the mongoose.

      Have you ever seen a picture of Aleister smiling?!?!

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