So Cold The Freak by Fudge Tools (Communards vs LFO video mash)

OK so I was bored…and part of what happens when I’m bored I create mashup videos for lonely or new mashups that really need them cos they are the best mashups EVAH (it’s an ongoing project). I’d just gotten the video for ‘Freak’ by L.F.O. so *ding* lightbulb moment decided to create a quick video for one of my favourite mashups OF ALL TIME – So Cold The Freak (The Communards ‘So Cold the Night’ vs L.F.O. ‘Freak’) by Fudge Tools, which we all now know is 10000 Spoons (well you do now – but he ‘fessed up officially when GYBO went all swanky).

The video for ‘Freak’ is very odd, same territory as Cunningham and the Come on My Selector video – scary Japanese school children getting their freak on, originally to Leed’s finest but now with added Glaswegian camp as well. It works spookily well with The Communards in fact. Will also be on MutantPop TV shortly.

Also available on YouTube, dunno for how long for, seems like a roulette wheel nowadays:

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