Obviously in Paris naked girls walk down the street everyday?

Make the Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby (sort of NSFW, but not)

Was in two minds whether to post this; in some senses it’s exploitational (positioning of the BABY makes me squirm rather) in other senses it’s a brilliant dada style prank and a great idea for a video. And naturism is always down with me…if it wasn’t for the english lyrics making the bars useful I’d have not posted it though – I don’t believe in censorship but that works wonderfully, a place you can be sure most people are looking 😀

Interesting too how little the citizens of Paris pay her any regard, does this happen often?

And I really really like the tune, so hence the post. It namechecks the likes of Sebastian Tellier, Justice, Kate Moss and Ethan Hawke, Jell-O,Jay Leno (?) but censors the bit about cocaine oddly…

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  1. Marc
    January 17

    Jay Leno is translated for context : original is Michel Denisot, a corresponding TV host on canal+
    same for shakira : original is vanessa (paradis)

    oh, and numerous other bad translations

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