Last words from DJNoNo Ulysses, or why I stopped going to Second Life

I wrote this as a response to a blog about users of Second Life being down – of course it wouldn’t post cos of their authentication generally hates mobiles.

2009 was the year I stopped DJing in, and going to Second Life.

As an ex-SLer (was heavily involved with Motorati via the Parkade and after for 2+ years DJing every week, sometimes more) I have definite views on Linden Lab’s current woes – ones that I think are behind these issues, cos certainly if they pissed off a seasoned user like me spending/earning LDs and contributing to the grid, then people with fewer attachment are more likely to never come back.

Impermanence, basically.

When the Open space rules changed, loads of places I used to go went, and those communities dissipated. Motorati pulled out, then the club had to move eventually closing down, via many locations and such hassles and eventually wasn’t helped by the Open space thing, eventually closing down.

Stuff like this is why people leave – if the really cool areas with your friends go, then you have little reason to go back, if you don’t have a ‘job’ there. I realised the job was forcing the involvement rather than any real desire to be in SL with mostly (now) strangers.

People like to meet new people but one or two at a time inside an existing group, but the churn within SL got too much – when whole areas go or radically change it’s whole new set of people, another group. Starting again. Really offputting.

SL for the n00b IS rather confusing at first, but if areas don’t get preserved or helped by the largely distant and unhelpful Linden Labs then the people disappear like the deleted prims when they realise the effort was wasted and there is nowhere fun to go or the place is empty – newbies or otherwise. Or they simply don’t know anyone anymore.

I might be back so didn’t want to write DJNoNo Ulysses in Second Life is dead or anything; but there is very little apart from Amanda’s sets (if she still does them) to bring me back. And that is sad.


  1. December 26

    Due to a lifestyle change in Real Life I’ve been spending hardly any time in SL, but even if I were to go in, there are very few places I know of to find people I know or to even meet new friends. Its so quick to change. So sad.

    And regarding reason – helloooo what about me!?!? (When I’m there of course )

  2. Amanda
    December 26

    Yes, i still do the sets and it’s funny, we were only talking about you the other night, just as i dropped ‘SCarey Christmas’ and making general noises about how much we all miss you there… S’true, we do… SRSLY!

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